The Build a Wayuu Bag flexible-pricing on wholesale Wayuu bags


You might be wondering. How do we price Wayuu Items at the Wayuu Market? First to know, each Build a Wayuu Bag shop is autonomous, and we do not own the items in them. That said, we do put a lot of work into the logistics that go into processing each unique piece; thus we invest in each item until it sells. Always with the artisans in mind (read the news note)


****Some artisans offer coupons if you buy over a certain amount COUPONS HERE


The Build a Wayuu Bag Price Formula
Price of the Item (given by the artisan) Shipping Cost


We offer a variety of wholesale services and supplies as well.


Starting with a thread sample pack that will help you get acquainted with the real colors used in the bags.


Additionally, we provide services like adding brand tags, custom finishes, adding inner pockets, and more.

Are all the items at the Build a Wayuu  Bag on discount?

No, but we are trying to give you a perspective of the selling price the Wayuu Bags distributors tag on similar items. Also, the cost of each piece varies depending upon “The Build a Wayuu Bag Price Formula” and the number of things one buys. The total cost of the bag could vary by region; please calculate your shipping cost in the cart. Wholesale buyers get a considerable discount per item on shipping because of the volume and weight formula.
Be sure to check in the cart.
If your order goes over one hundred Wayuu Bags, please contact us directly for further discounts.

What kinds of payments does the Build a Wayuu Bag accept?

  • Major worldwide credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Alipay
  • Local payments depending on the country

Anyhow, buying at the  Build a Wayuu Bag you know you get fair traded, quality Wayuu artisan goods. Available customer service in Spanish and English. We can confidently say the Build a Wayuu Bag is The Best Place to Buy Wholesale Wayuu Bags.

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