So, we want to start off and say yes we do and no we do not. If that makes any sense, that is how it is working with the Wayuu.

Build  a Wayuu Bag began creating custom orders with experienced Wayuu since we opened in June 2018. It has been, to say to the least, a rocky start.

We have created a product option in our store to begin your design customization process. All special orders are a minimum of 10* bags per design

Regardless of the colors or pattern, all designs will have a fee.  Once the fee has been paid, you can order hundreds of the same Wayuu bag at production cost.

Many people ask us, “Do we have to pay the design fee for every bag?” and the answer is NO. Only one time per design.

Well, what can be designed?

The best is to stay simple in the design. And let’s just put it out there it is going to be more expensive than items already made in our store. Why?  Well, first of all, by making them reproduce a design they have to work more precisely, thus making it harder to weave the bag. Secondly, because the artisans that have to come back to us regularly for productions, they have more transportation and handling costs.

Did you know that the materials (500 grams) to used to make a bag (standard large) on average costs at least $7? The next cost comes into play with all the details to make you bag or product.

Finishes are usually the most costly work because they have to be done in Build a Wayuu Bag office.

Finally, just because you want to buy hundreds or thousands of replicas, there will be ============> NO DISCOUNTS!

Why can’t the Wayuu just complete the bags on the Rancherias?

Well, there are a few issues. First is the security of your design. Wayuu love to copy bags that become popular because this secures the sell of the mochila bag. If they notice someone making the same item over, they might begin to copy such design.

Secondly, we finish it in-house to keep your design a secret and to speed up production. We have many groups that make specific items to spread the workload.

Currently, we are working with Double Thread productions (2T or Popular).

You can find our pricing calculator here => 1 Item or 10 Pack

(Soon, we will be starting Single Thread productions)

Now, what if you want something else than a bag? Please email us with a simple photo to

What Colors Can I Use?

Build a Wayuu Bag currently works with 76 different colors.
You can purchase a sample pack here

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