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#2 Wayuu Straps for Pets

Who does not love pets? Nowadays, pets are part of our family, so everybody likes to make them look fashionable! People always are making up new things for pets, and now we have Wayuu straps for pets! The straps make for the perfect colorful collar that will make the pup stand out and look lovely while they are wearing them.

#3 Wayuu straps as belts

Belts for women

Undeniably, a beautiful belt could make an outfit stand out. Women around the world choose the colorful Wayuu straps as colorful belts. The great thing is that the belts go with any outfit, either for summer or winter. Wrap them around a winter coat or wear them with a skirt or shorts.

Belts for men

Men also wear Wayuu straps for accessories or belts. Regardless of age, season, weather, style, the versatile woven strap goes well with many things.


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